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Audio Visual

Audio Visual   We encounter, and many times interact with, audio visual (AV) systems on a daily basis. Whether it’s the changing LED sign we drive past in front of a building, a video conference we took part in, a lecture we sat through, a movie we watched, the...

Shiloh Baptist Church

Express-tek upgraded and expanded the sound system to include coverage in areas that were not covered initially and distribution to other parts of the church.

Bethlehem Baptist Church

Express-tek installed video projection system in the historic sanctuary, worked with the owner to provide a solution that would enhance and not detract from the beauty of the historic building while maintaining flexibility that allowed the space to be altered for...

Grove Avenue Baptist Church

Express-tek updated the existing audio broadcasting system from analog to digital. This required a complete rewire in the infrastructure between front-of-house and broadcast audio system. Express-tek also worked with the television station to set levels appropriately...

Fredericksburg and Marrifield Hyatt Hotels

Express-tek designed flexible meeting spaces that required sound and video projection systems. The systems installed included controls that were able to combine and separate in multiple ways.