Audio Visual

Express-Tek works hard to make the experience of the end user one that is enjoyable, simplified and stress-free.

Express-Tek provides an experience, not just equipment.

We work with our clients to understand their mission and objectives so that we can provide the proper solutions that help connect them to the world.

Our certified technicians and programmers understand what it takes to make your system work the best for you.

From concept to design, from coordinating with architects and engineers to other trades on a job site, from installation to programming and training, Express-Tek professionals will work with you side by side to ensure that your system is exactly what you need and performs to your best expectations.

The Impact of AV

Audio visual systems are everywhere, and you have most likely interacted with one today.

From the LED signs we drive past, the video conference we attended, the lecture we sat through, the new movie we went to see, the screens upon which we watch our favorite teams win and lose, all the way up to the fully interactive displays we have so much fun with at amusement parks.

AV gives us the means in order for our imagination to come to life.

We have become so familiar with what we see and hear that we often don’t think about all of the creativity, engineering and technology that has to come together in order to make such encounters possible.

Audio Visual Services:

  • Large venue sound systems
  • Video projection systems
  • Full Audio-Visual integration
  • Integration with themed entertainment venues
  • Huddle spaces
  • Video conferencing solutions for large and small spaces
  • Interactive displays
  • Digital signage
  • Meeting space scheduling and conference room control
  • Gunshot and aggressive voice detection systems
  • IP-based intercom and mass notification systems
  • Hearing impaired/assist systems; RF, IR and Induction Loop
  • Classroom integration systems

Authorized Dealerships:

  • AtlasIED
  • Aurora
  • Biamp
  • Bose
  • BrightSign
  • Creston
  • Extron
  • Harman Pro (JBL, AMX, Crown, BSS)
  • Louroe Electronics
  • Presonus (includes WorxAudio)
  • QSC
  • Shure
  • Spinetix

Audio Visual Certifications:

  • AVIXA Corporate Member
  • Extron EAVA – Audio-Visual Associate
  • Extron ECP – Extron Control Professional
  • Dante Level 1, 2, & 3


     Medical    |    Themed Entertainment    |    Corporate AV    |    Live Venues    |    Houses of Worship

    Related Projects

    Shiloh Baptist Church

    Express-tek upgraded and expanded the sound system to include coverage in areas that were not covered initially and distribution to other parts of the church.

    Bethlehem Baptist Church

    Express-tek installed video projection system in the historic sanctuary, worked with the owner to provide a solution that would enhance and not detract from the beauty of the historic building while maintaining flexibility that allowed the space to be altered for productions and other events.

    Grove Avenue Baptist Church

    Express-tek updated the existing audio broadcasting system from analog to digital. This required a complete rewire in the infrastructure between front-of-house and broadcast audio system. Express-tek also worked with the television station to set levels appropriately and installed sound systems in other rooms throughout the facility.

    Fredericksburg and Marrifield Hyatt Hotels

    Express-tek designed flexible meeting spaces that required sound and video projection systems. The systems installed included controls that were able to combine and separate in multiple ways.

    Town of Herndon Police Department

    Express-tek provided multi-room system control with touchscreen interfaces with the ability to send sources to multiple locations. The project also included a flexible meeting space with room combining and separating based on the owner’s needs and digital signage displays in the lobby. This project included installation of screens, projectors, and wall and ceiling mounted flat-screen displays. Sound systems were also provided.