Express-tek welcomes Mark Meyers

Apr 15, 2021

Express-tek would like to welcome Mark Meyers to the team as a Senior Project Manager.  He will be operating in Hampton Roads, an area that is thriving with the emergence of the Virginia Beach landing station.

Meyers started his career at RJE Telecom in Sterling, VA, for one year before making the change to Civil Engineering for over three years. The economy crash of ‘08 forced his hand back into the telecom field where he went to work with KCI Technologies. The job took him to Texas where he worked as an OSP Designer/Project Manager for 10 years.

Meyers worked in multiple markets with clients performing duties pertaining—but not limited to—ISP, OSP, Conflict Analysis, Utility Coordination, ATT (OPTI Aramis), FTTP, IKE-4, and Pole loading. Over the course of 15 years, Meyers has worked on projects in hundreds of jurisdictions, dozens of counties, and 12 states while designing over 5K miles of fiber.

“I am an eagle scout and former combat engineer in the Army reserves,” Meyers said. “I look forward to working with some familiar faces and help start and grow a presence in the Norfolk market.”