Utility Consulting

The Express-Tek team has over 50 years of combined experience delivering responsive design, inspection, right-of-way, maintenance and construction services for utilities such as gas, electric, telephone, cellular facilities, fiber optic and cable utility lines.

Express-Tek has assumed a leadership role in the rapidly advancing utilities and communications engineering industry. Using new technologies and innovative approaches, our engineers and construction experts develop flexible and cost-effective solutions for public and private-sector clients with varying needs.


Express has developed in-house expertise to assist in monitoring, maintaining and protecting utility assets. These services include aerial inspections for NESC and utility company standards compliance, pole attachment inventory surveys, as well as post construction audits. Certified and equipped for confined space entry, our team has the capability to inventory manholes, perform conduit route studies, place pulling wire and perform Outside Plant inspections.


Our capabilities also include route feasibility studies, conduit infrastructure, overhead design, relocation design, system expansion and code compliance. These abilities are supported by technical expertise in structural engineering, environmental permitting, geospatial system design, transportation engineering, and site facilities engineering. With this full suite of services, Express can cover every aspect of a utility design project.

Our employees are highly trained professionals that utilize innovative technologies to design, manage, and implement large scale fiber optic networks.

Telecom Engineering Services:

  • OSP/ISP network design
  • Aerial network design
  • Utility relocation design
  • Campus network design
  • Datacenter network design
  • Network planning
  • Feasibility studies
  • Permitting services
  • Traffic control design
  • Network cost analysis
  • As-built documentation
  • Easement procurement
  • Right-of-way research
  • Plan and profile preparation
  • Easement acquisition and negotiations
  • Prior rights
  • Coordination with local, state and federal projects
  • Duct search
  • Survey / GIS / Orthographics / LiDAR
  • 3rd Party attachments for pole lines

Telecom Engineering Certifications:

  • PE
  • RCDD
  • TPM
  • NESC

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